Do you love racing? If yes, then it must be really troublesome to be first. However, this is not always achievable, right? Sometimes you really want to cheat in order to delay your buddies from the finish line. But, of course, it is going to ruin your friendship. Luckily there are games comparable to this. Therefore, what’s so special about it, you ask?

You need to outrun your fellow beasts. To do this, you are given the opportunity to build your own track. Can you run on walls? The answer is yes. Is it possible to place various traps? Without a doubt. Is it easy to lose? Depends on your skill and luck. Everything that you have dreamed of for so long is here.

It seems nothing unusual, but you will still like it, because it is funny and exciting. So it’s worth trying at least once. Only those who take risks get the whole box of wax in this world. Dare and win!

Ultimate Chicken Horse