Pico Park is what may encourage you to have an exceptional time with your friends. How? Well, you only need to know one thing. You are capable of winning through teamwork. You are not able to complete tasks alone. It’s just not possible. But, this is just the same advantage. Because you’ll never be alone.

You are up to inviting 1 or 7 companions to solve puzzles with them. Your main assignment is to find the key and get out. It is necessary for you to stimulate each other. Let your buddy climb on top of you to collect the latchkey, or press the button to make a bridge appear. Always remember that your success depends on mutual aid.

However, the most interesting thing is the variety of levels and duties. Perhaps you are going to be racing or fighting other people. The choice is yours. Do not miss your chance. Good luck! We are sure that you will succeed.

Pico Park