We all have dreams, but not everyone remembers what they are about. Are they scary or exciting? Maybe they don’t make sense at all. Perhaps they are strange and full of various puzzles that are capable of being solved in a huge number of methods and means. Well, at least that’s how the game can be described.

Alone or with friends you wander through this world of absurdity. Each level is different from the previous one, but the only task is to find a way out. As mentioned above, it is possible for you to perform it in your favorite way. But don’t worry, you are not going to get bored, quite the contrary, only fun awaits you.

Why? More and more levels are being added to the platformer. Therefore, if you decide to delete it, but then download it again, there may be many interesting discombobulated things waiting for you. So let’s test your resourcefulness.

Human: Fall Flat