Want to have enjoyment like in childhood, but your friends aren’t interested in it? Among Us! Hide or Seek may definitely help you! With your favorite characters, you are undoubtedly not going to become bored. What is your task? Well, it all depends on what you choose.

There are two modes. If you have decided to be the one who tracks down others, then you have a commitment to find 4 people in 30 seconds. While you are doing this, it is possible for you to collect points. If you are the one who is tucking away, you need to not get caught by the seeker in the same amount of time. Points are also able to be assembled.

Yes, as you already understood, to win it is necessary for you to constantly move. When you hunt, run all over the area. When you are searched, accomplish the same. Fun enough, right? So, now you know how to entertain yourself. Good luck!

Among Us! Hide or Seek