An exciting co-op that appealed to most players. Here you have to demonstrate impeccable teamwork in order to eventually reach the finish line. And to be more precise, the portal.

Super Bunny Man provides you with both story and multiplayer. Therefore, if you want to play with friends (up to four people), then you are capable of preferring the second option. That is really hilarious.

Speaking of story, it is important to mention that here you will be given different levels of difficulty. You have to go through various platforms to eventually get to the end point. But it is indispensable to mention that if you are not alone, but in a cooperative, then everything must be done together.

If, for example, your friend fell out of the location, then you may not be able to reach the finish line. The portal just won’t show up. Therefore, it is necessary for you to overcome difficulties and obstacles along the way together.

One Or Team?

If you prefer cooperative, then it is possible for you to give preference to deathmatch. In general, from the name it is not difficult to guess what exactly this mode is about. In short, you need to be the only one in the location. To do this, try to push the others.

There is also a collection. Here it is possible for you to divide into teams of two. As a result, you and your opponents must collect carrots. In the end, those with the majority will win. It can be quite exciting and fun.

Furthermore, there is also basketball. If you prefer a similar genre in games, then you are capable of trying to play it. Here the rules are the same as in the usual original game. It is just necessary for you to get into a hoop. Thus, you need to earn maximum points.

Overall, Super Bunny Man is a pretty fun co-op. You are up to having a lot of fun in it, especially if you do it with friends. Since the platformer has pretty good popularity at the moment, there is a possibility that a sequel may come out later.

Therefore, many new modes have a chance to be added to it, as well as maintaining a larger number of players. For example, now the maximum number is four. In continuation, it may be expanded to six or even eight. Or it could be an update to the current platformer.

Super Bunny Man 2