In Greedy Rabbit Platformer your task is to collect stars and eat vegetables. You have a chance to run and jump, so it’s not that difficult at first glance. But there are various obstacles that will hinder you. For example, if your cute animal steps on sharp spikes, you may immediately lose. So be careful.

It still doesn’t seem interesting to you. Well, how about a stopwatch? Don’t you get a sense of excitement at the thought that you have the opportunity to complete the level faster? After all, in an attempt to collect all the necessary items, it is possible for you to spend a couple of minutes rather than seconds.

Cool, right? So test your dexterity and reaction to it. You are definitely not going to regret it. Perhaps you may spend a lot of time setting more and more new records. We wish you good luck and victories, my dear friends! We know that you will succeed.

Greedy Rabbit Platformer