Get ready for an epic adventure through various worlds that you are up to going with your friends! Super Bunny Man is a cooperative platform in which you have to complete different levels.

In the process, you are able to find yourself in a wide variety of locations. There are quite a few of them here, while on the subject. Therefore, it is possible for you to spawn either in a cave, or in a forest, or even on yarn. It is necessary for you to get to the portals.

Teamwork is the Key to Success!

Moreover, it is important to mention that you start together and end the same way. You cannot come through the portal alone. Therefore, if you see that your friend is stuck and cannot go further, then wait for him or help him.

Speaking of help, it is worth noting that the functionality allows you to grab. Therefore, you are capable of easily grabbing onto your mate and helping him get out if he fails. Since there are many platforms, there is a chance of falling between them. In this case, without outside interference, it will be extremely difficult for you.

Therefore, if suddenly one of you is unlucky, then it’s easier to restart the challenge and try to play again. Since the portal will not corny open, and you will not be able to go further. Then if you start over, then you already know about the difficult places and can easily overcome them.

Diverse Modes

It is important to mention that in Super Bunny Man you are capable of playing together with your fellows (up to four people per session). In addition to various challenges, competitive modes are also available to you. They are quite exciting, so you and your company may definitely like it.

There is where every man for himself. In it, you have to do everything to remain the only one in the location. Therefore, push, jump, run, sneak and more. Do everything to eventually succeed and win. All methods are good here.

There are also team games where you have to spend time together with your mate. You have a couple to choose from. It could be picking carrots. This is where it is necessary for you to take advantage. In this case, it is possible for you to easily win.

There is also basketball, where the rules are quite simple. The main thing is to hit the hoop with the ball. Therefore, if you prefer these kinds of modes, then you have a chance to make a choice in their favor. If not, then you have the opportunity to walk through the levels in the story. You can do it alone or together.

Super Bunny Man