This game may make you feel nostalgic as it features the characters of everyone’s favorite anime. You are capable of choosing Rockruff, Pikachu or Togedemaru. But what should we do, you ask? Therefore, your task is to create bridges so that our heroes are able to move from one stone to another.

What’s interesting about this? The thing is, depending on how you build them, you get a certain number of points. One for the fact that the personage did not fall. Two for being dexterous to press the button that is on each rock. Sometimes three if you did everything perfectly. However, if your bridge is not long enough, you will fall.

Thus, you develop mindfulness and accuracy in yourself. It’s great, don’t you agree? If yes, then try it yourself. Perhaps you are going to set a record that none of your friends are up to beating. So don’t waste your time!

PokeWorld Bounce